Every animal owner I have talked to would like their animals to have happy, healthy, vibrant lives. My goal is to help them achieve this. 

The veterinary profession is very good at treating disease. My deep wish is to help you, as the owner, to keep your animals healthy, so they do not need treating very often. 

Should they become sick it is important to create an approach to treatment that is as simple, natural and gentle as can be, so they can be restored to optimum health and vitality as soon as possible. 

Since qualifying as a vet in 1986 I have been working with an Integrated Holistic Approach to the work I do. I combine the very best of what Natural Medicine has to offer with the very best of what Conventional Medicine has to offer. 

More importantly, I use a unique framework so that you can make the best choices for your animals at any moment in time, and these choices can be easily understood within the overall vision for your animals' lives.

While some of my time is spent on treating animals with problems, my main passion is to find strategies to help keep them healthy. As a fully qualified Homoeopathic Vet, I bring much of the underlying homoeopathic philosophy into the way that I work.

Alongside holisitic consultations, I have a passion for teaching. I have taught on a wide variety of courses. I helped set up and teach on the well-known Homoeopathy at Wellie Level course. 


I offer a variety of possible services depending on your needs. Wherever you may be at with your interest in holisitc approaches to animal health, there will be something for you:

  • This may be an initial holistic consultation for a problem with your pet. 

  • For farms or stables it could be a discovery session looking at how a Lifepath centred approach to consultancy can be useful to improve overall health.

  • If you are keen to learn, I run a variety of courses though the year for animal owners. 

  • Finally I offer Lifepath Coaching for owners who are really wanting to take the well being of animals in their care to a high level.


Chris Aukland BVSc VetMFHom MRCVS

The Lifepath Vet

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