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Creating optimum health & vitality, naturally

Happy Healthy Pets

Pets bring us such joy and give so much love. I help you create a Lifepath map to help you give back the support they need.


Harmonious Horses

Horses combine power, sensitivity and grace in the most beautiful way. Handled with kindness and love they give us so much.


Naturally Productive Farms

To have a productive farm that is at one with nature and where the livestock thrive, is a timeless pleasure.


Courses and Events

Chris teaching

Why have a Holistic Lifepath?

The answer is so simple, that you may wonder why you had not thought about it before. Once you have understood it, you won't want to be without it. 

Every animal is on a path through life, its Lifepath.

By helping craft the journey in a Holistic way you will:

Make each and every animal important.

Be able to make the best choices for its health within the overall Vision for its life.

Feel more empowered and more in touch with the animals you love and care for.

By learning a few very simple principles you will start to to create Optimum Health and Vitality for the animals in your life.

Chris Aukland BVSc VetMFHom MRCVS

The Lifepath Vet

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Good way of putting it across that helps. The way you explain it, the examples, just works.

Mr D , Farmer

As a family we have always used Homoeopathy with good results - so it was an easy decision to use Homeopathy for our pets. Chris did a full and thorough assessment .... in a Holsitic way .... 10 days later - amazing, more perky, calming down, sores healing well, eating well ..... an exceptionally good start in such a short time.  Well done and thanks to Chris.

Mrs E, Pet Owner