Consultation for Pets

A Lifepath Consultation is unlike any consultation you will have had before.  



  • I love getting to know your pets as individuals and bringing out the very best in them.

  • I love doing this while empowering you to be a great holistic owner. 



The Lifepath Consultation is the first step in an amazing journey.

My goals are very simple:


  • Happy, healthy pets for every stage of their lives

  • You, as their owner, being supported to keep them that way as gently and effectively  as possible


This journey is one that you can continue with your pets for the rest of their lives. 

Whichever stage of life your pet is in and whether it is in the Green, the Amber or the Red, the Lifepath Consultation will help you become clear about the path ahead.



The standard consultation is for one hour. During this time I will:


  • Listen to you for a description of the problems you currently have with your pet.

  • Gather information about the previous veterinary history.

  • Review any questionnaire material that you have been able to provide.

  • Undertake a full physical examination as appropriate.

  • Summarise the understanding of the current problems.

  • Look at the Red Level, Amber Level and Green Level perspectives.

  • Work with you to establish a clear set of goals and outcome.

  • Create a map for the next steps that need to be undertaken.

  • Plan appropriate check-in points or follow-up consultations.

  • Make sure that the ground that is covered meets your expectations.


The Lifepath Consolation is the first step in bringing your pet back toward the centre of its Lifepath.


Lifepath Map

The Lifepath Map will address the next steps on several levels. It is always important to be aware of the Red Level and plant Red Flags as needed. Then check out anything that needs to be addressed in the Green Level. Once this has been done, then it is safe to explore what can be done at the Amber Level. In summary:

  • Red: If any conventional investigations or treatments are needed to complement the natural approaches.

  • Amber: Using natural medicines where needed, principally homeopathic and herbal, maybe others as necessary.

  • Green: To see which aspects of everyday support can be worked with, such as diet and lifestyle.

It is this weaving of the natural philosophies of health and disease, with the emphasis on looking from a health upwards perspective rather than a disease downwards perspective that makes the Lifepath Approach unique. 



The overall result will be a comprehensive, practical strategy for returning your pet to optimum health and vitality. Beyond this, I will support you in developing skills to help keep your pet as happy and healthy as possible. 

My aim, always, is to help you feel strong and empowered to make the best choices for your pet and to help you become an amazing Lifepath pet owner.

Whether it is to simply address the current problems in a different way, or because you are keen to learn how to help your pet spend less time in the Red and more in the Amber or Green, then get in contact to create a consultation. 

You can phone the practice direct or email with an enquiry.


Very simply, healthy pets get less disease. My mission is to keep it that way.

Chris Aukland BVSc VetMFHom MRCVS

The Lifepath Vet



To book a consultaion phone 01342 824452 or for further enquries send an email

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