Consultancy for Farms

Lifepath Consultancy for your Farm is a completely fresh approach to looking at farm health. 


  • Start to explore the current farm health problems in a different way

  • Learn how to help your farm spend less time in the Red and more in the Amber or Green 


Your Unique Farm

Each farm is completely unique with its blend of geography, crops, livestock, buildings and machinery. Similarly each farmer is unique in terms of their personal perspective of how they want to run their farm, their current experience and their aspirations for the future. 

You may be a complete beginner with natural approaches to health. You may have attended the Homoeopathy at Wellie Level Course. Or you may be an experienced biodynamic or organic farmer who has been been using homoeopathy and herbs for many years.

Whichever stage you are at, the Lifepath Approach will help you go further with the way you look after your livestock.



The standard Lifepath Discovery Consultation is for three hours. I work to give you a clear understanding of the main Lifepath Principles and how they can be useful on the farm. During this time I will:


  • Listen to you for a description of the problems you currently have with your farm.

  • Get an idea of the vision you have for where your farm is evolving.

  • Get an overview of your current disease management approaches.

  • Establish your current experience and knowledge of holistic approaches.

  • Review any questionnaire material that you have been able to provide.

  • Undertake a farm walk.

  • Summarise the understanding of the current problems from a Lifepath perspective.

  • Introduce the key Lifepath concepts and indicate how the philosophy could simply and easily be applied to the farm. 

  • Work with you to establish a clear set of goals and outcome.

  • Follow up with a Lifepath Report that helps you see how learning Lifepath principles could be applied to your farm.


Holisitc Overview 

I use the Lifepath Framework for looking at the overall health of your farm to establish an overall holistic understanding of any problems that you may have. The preference is always to minimise the need for fire brigade responses and help you create effective holistic strategies for livestock health. 

Within the Lifepath Fam Consultancy I will always work to empower you as the farmer to have a better understanding of how you can work to help manage your farm with more time in the Green or Amber, so that it needs to spend less time in the Red. While this does not preclude the use of conventional approaches, I see these as complementary to working with more natural approaches where possible.

It is this weaving of the natural philosophies of health and disease, with the emphasis on looking from a health upwards perspective rather than a disease downwards perspective that makes the Lifepath Approach unique. 


Next Steps

After the initial Lifepath Discover Consultation, you have the option of on-going support with your learning. This may be from a distance or by further farm visits.  

If you would like to find out some more then you can email with an enquiry.


Very simply, healthy farms have less disease. My mission is to keep it that way. 


Chris Aukland BVSc VetMFHom MRCVS


The Lifepath Vet




The Lifepath Vet
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