Lifepath Coaching

Lifepath Coaching is for those owners who want to create the highest level of health and vitality for those animals in their care.



Your Individual Journey

Every animal owner is unique in their experience with animals up to this date and their aspiration for how much depth, detail and mastery of animal health they want to develop.

For some, just knowing that their animals are happy and they have a holistic plan should things go wrong is all they need. 

For others there is a lifelong quest to deeply understand animals and how patterns of health can be worked with. If you are in the second group then Lifepath Coaching is for you.


Discovery Consultation

I start with a Lifepath Coaching Discovery Consultation for three hours. Here I work with developing a deep understanding of where you are with your understanding of health and where your aspirations are for how you can build on this. During the consultation I will:


  • Listen to understand where you are at the moment based on Lifepath principles.

  • Listen to understand where you would like to be with your mastery of animal health.

  • Review your current obstacles to reaching your goal.

  • Review what you would want and need from bespoke Lifepath Coaching.

  • Review what your level of commitment needs to be.

  • Outline a pathway for Lifepath Coaching that could be undertaken. 

  • Follow up with a report that helps you see the possibilities.


Personal Empowerment

With Lifepath Coaching you get to go into much more detail about the Lifepath Philosophy of health and diesase. You will have one-to-one support for developing a much deeper understanding and experience of the principles of:


  • Foundation creation

  • Framework for health and disease

  • Focusing on the key ingredients that engender health

  • Fine-tuning the approach for individual situations

  • And finally how to become Fabulous in your ability to coordinate all of this.


The Lifepath philosophy draws much on homoeopathic understanding of health, and also includes looking at herbal medicine, chinese medicine, healing and a wide variety of other ideas. It is always about looking for the simplest, gentlest approach to get the required results. 

It is this weaving of the natural philosophies of health and disease, with the emphasis on looking from a health upwards perspective rather than a disease downwards perspective that makes the Lifepath Approach unique.  


Next Steps

A Lifepath Coaching Discovery Consultation is really the first in a series of potential stepping-stones that give you the opportunity to become an amazing Lifepath animal owner. The stepping-stones form the framework of a journey of discovery for your own unique relationship and contribution to the animal kingdom.

If you think you may be interested in starting with a Lifepath Coaching Discovery Session to see whether a bespoke coaching programme would be useful for you, then create an email enquiry.


Animals are amazing teachers, Lifepath Coaching helps you develop the skills to listen to what they teach.


Chris Aukland BVSc VetMFHom MRCVS

The Lifepath Vet



The Lifepath Vet
Creating optimum health and vitality, naturally

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