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Spring 2019: HAWL Tetbury

21 March 2019 at 20:45 0 Comments

Spring 2019: HAWL Tetbury

Spring 2019: HAWL Tetbury


This was our fifty-first HAWL course and it was fully booked with a waiting list ready for the next one. It is most gratifying to see how word of mouth from farmer to farmer encourages new participants on the course. It is not just because we tell people it is a good course, it is because farmers who attend the course get tremendous value from it.


For those of you not familiar with what we teach, it is a very simple framework, distilling the essence of good homeopathic principles into three days of class room teaching, plus notes and homework. 


  • Day One: covers basic principals, introduces six key remedies, looks at observation skills and record keeping, then on to remedy management and administration.


  • Day Two: Reviews Day One and homework; looks at acute problems and repertorisation.


  • Day Three:  Reviews Day One & Two and homework; looks at chronic problems. 


It is very interesting seeing how the questions that come up on Day One often end up being answered by the farmers themselves when it gets to Day Three. This is really a good measure of how well the understanding and knowledge develops over the duration of the course. 


Of course there is always a limit to how much can fit into a three day course. With this in mind, we provide ongoing support after the course has finished. We have various local support groups that meet up on a regular basis. We also run additional add on courses, lovingly called “Lego Days”, so farmers can continue to build their skills.


We regularly get feedback from farmers many years down the line. Some of the most common reports we get include:


  • Improved observation skills all round.

  • Husbandry changes as farmers start to get clearer about their animals’ needs.

  • Ability to catch problems early before they escalate.

  • Ability to reduce reliance on antibiotics.

  • Happier, healthier animals.

  • A new level of enjoyment in the way they look after their animals.


All this following on from a three day course? Amazing. 


If you would like to read stories of individual farmers experiences of the course and its application, see the HAWL newspaper.


To find out details of when the next course is, check out the HAWL website.



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