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Decorating your tree


As you start to decorate your tree, think about the way that the individual decorations fit upon the structure of the tree. This is a bit like the way we choose specific things to do for our animals (the decorations) and the way that they make so much more sense when we have an underlying framework (the tree). 


As you move toward 2019 and think about how you look after your animals now and how you will in the future, consider these two aspects:


  • The Framework

  • The Treatments


They are both important, but we often spend so much time worrying about the treatment, that we forget to pay attention to the framework. 


A Gift for the Tree


It is very nearly Christmas, so if feels appropriate to offer a gift. This is to all dog owners out there, although anyone with animal can be inspired by it. For anyone who has dogs and is aiming to be as holistic as possible, check out the Dogs Naturally Magazine


I stumbled across this wonderful website a while ago and find it a great source of information for a whole variety of dog topics. It is based in the USA and is regularly contributed to by American holistic veterinarians. 


You can use it as a way of just being up to date with the latest thinking from the latest article. Or you can dip in and out, searching for an article on a particular theme. 


All the articles are interesting. Some give slightly different view points on a given topic and sometimes I might have a different view point. Overall though it is sound and goes a long way to empower owners to have a better chance of doing a great job of being holistic owners


The Dogs Naturally website fits right in with my on going passion for supporting all animal owners to be better at the Green and the Amber. Because as they do this, they will inevitably spend less time in the Red. Which has to be good.


Structure of the Tree


As we come to the festive season and start to think about 2019. You could take some time to reflect on how you are going to be looking after your animals next year. As I think about the animal owners that I work with, certain themes start to repeat with the owners who are doing a great job of keeping their animals healthy. 


Here are three themes to get good at:


  • Get to know the individual animal really well - the better you know them, the better you can support their health.

  • Creating a time line of their life - plotting their Lifepath is really useful.

  • Keeping a journal - this is so helpful in keeping a track of what is happening.


These little habits help you develop the framework of support you are going to offer for your animals. 


Get the framework right and any of the treatments you choose will make so much more sense.


Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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