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Raspberry Leaf

23 January 2018 at 21:45 0 Comments

Raspberry Leaf

Raspberry Leaf Tea 

"Don't forget your P's" was a phrase that I would hear from time to time from one of our nurses. The P's in this case were:

  • Perfect

  • Preparation

  • Prevents

  • Pathetic

  • Performance


Her father had been very good at encouraging her to be prepared in advance for whatever task she was about to go and do.


So much of Holistic Lifepath management is similar. We are aiming to Craft a Path for the animals in our care that helps them spend the maximum amount of time in the Green. At the same time to become skilled in the Amber, so that if they slip off the path we can use simple, gentle methods to nudge them back to the Green. Of course we will always be ready with a few Red Flags so we are prepared for what we want to do should they progress to the Red. 


As ever, the better we manage the Green & the Amber, the less time we will need to spend in the Red.


When it comes to animals giving birth this all becomes especially important. Sadly, much of the time vets get to see the animals giving birth that have well and truly entered the Red Level. They may well end up with intervention of one sort or another, such as a caesarian section. Sometimes the newborns make it and sometimes they don't. Occasionally the mother may also die while giving birth. 


While it is amazing what can be done, often quite successfully, to help an animal that is in the process of giving birth that is need of Red Level treatment, this is never the ideal scenario to end up in. What we are really looking for is a Holistic Birth Plan that gives encourages a smooth, healthy birth. Ideally a pregnancy and birth that:


  • Primarily remains in the Green Level.

  • Uses appropriate support with Amber Level techniques.

  • Is prepared for prompt Red Level treatment, should it be needed.


To help create this consider the following:


Red Level - Know what your vet may need to do, and what to look out for if things go wrong.

Red Flags - Prepare some Red Flags, so that you are ready for action if needed.

Green Level - Do plenty of back ground research to get all the husbandry preparations in order even before the pregnancy starts.

Amber Level - Become educated about the role of natural medicines and how they could be useful. 


Farmers are commonly well organised and prepared for birth on their farm. Similarly many professional equine studs a have well planned pregnancies and foaling. Pet owners are frequently novices when it comes to their dog or cat giving birth. 


Whatever your experience and current skill level, it is well worth reviewing how you approach pregnancy and birth for animals in you care. Everyone can also work with the Green Level Husbandry. It is always good to have the Red Level support as a back up. And there is a lot that can be done in the Amber. 


There are very many homeopathic remedies that can be helpful during pregnancy & birth. You would need to work with a homeopathic vet to find out more.


One product that is well worth researching is Raspberry Leaf. It seems to have an affinity for the uterus. Many women have taken Raspberry Leaf tea during their pregnancy to help encourage a simple birth. For dogs and cats there are Raspberry Leaf tablets. There seems to be no clear research based evidence about how or if it works. That said, it it is a well recognised traditional herbs for support during pregnancy that has been in use for many, many years.


While nothing can be a guarantee for a completely safe and normal birth, Raspberry Leaf products for animals seem to be a helpful thing to include in your Holistic Birth Plan for your pets. Far from being a science based trial, I personally notice that I don't see clients with emergency birth problems, when they use Raspberry Leaf tablets during the pet's pregnancy.


There seems to be less experience with its use in Livestock or Horses. That said, I recall one sheep owner observing that her pregnant ewes often seems to select bramble leaves to eat when they were pregnant....


Below are a couple of links to help you find out more:


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