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If only they could talk

20 April 2017 at 06:34 0 Comments

If only they could talk

If only they could talk

The DVD sat on the shelf for a while. It had been a loan from one of my clients and I was very much looking forward to watching it. But some how it had been on my “to-do” list and there was always something more important that had to be attended to first. 

In the end it took me taking some time off work to do some catching up on all the various projects to create the much needed time slot (less than an hour) to sit down and watch it. 

I wont give any spoilers away, just a big recommend. The DVD was simply entitled “The Animal Communicator” and the clue is in the title. Anna Bretytenbach is a lady who is very much in touch with her sensitive and intuitive side. As a consequence she is able to tune in the the realm that animals live in all the time. It is from this place that a two way connection can be established. The important bit, always, is to be able to listen.

I have met many animal communicators over the years. As they all assure me this is a skill that is open to any human, if they wish to work with it. What I always find inspiring is that when things are picked up, they are usually very simple. 

We, as humans, like to make the world a complicated place. But actually the complexity is only the result of many simple steps getting a bit tangled up. I am assured that the Space Shuttle was actually a very simple thing. I look at pictures of it in awe and think “wow, how did they make that work?”. In reality it is a whole bunch of simple steps, procedures and components woven together with a clear vision. 

The same is commonly true with animals. What I noticed though, when I listened to what the animal communicators told me, was something really interesting.

It was the misunderstanding of what was being communicated by the animals that was the problem.

Here is an example of the first story I came across around animal communication. The particular dog in question had developed a mammary lump. It had been checked by the vet and for various reasons it had been elected not to operate. The owner decided to call in an animal communicator, to get some insights around what may be going on for her dog. 

What she picked up was, from the dogs perspective, that the dog had always felt there was something wrong with her, that she was “not good enough”, “not really wanted”. She had carried this angst for many, many years. All this out of alignment energy being held inside had reached the point, as she got older, that her body eventually reacted. Her immune system was off guard and the pathology that was the lump had developed.

The communicator relayed this to the owner. The owner felt a little confused. Of course the dog was loved and wanted. Beyond that she was very special. She was a home bred puppy and had, in fact, been considered the best in the litter. Because of this they had decided to keep her. 

While all the other pups had new people excitedly come to see them and get taken off to new homes, this one was always ignored. Until finally all the other pups had gone and she was the only one left. But no more people came to look at her. So she had quietly got on with her life, quietly mis-concluding that there was obviously something wrong with her. 

Because she hadn't had people excitedly come to see her and because she hadn't been taken off to new home, she assumed there was something wrong with her. All through her life she had held this belief. While all along the reverse was true. Her owners really thought she was amazing.

What to do?

Once the owners had been made aware of this, a shift of energy was created. Between them a new message was communicated. Proactively they started to explain to the dog that of course she was loved. They also explained the reason that she had not been looked at by new people and taken to a new home, was because they thought she was the best and wanted her to stay with them. 

Who knows how much of the human language dogs understand. What is definitely true is that they understand something about what we proactively aim to communicate. This was certainly the case for this particular dog. Once the owners started to get into pro-active communication her whole demeanour started to improve.  

The other thing that happened, was that the lump started to reduce. Who knows how this could have worked. What we do know is that when we are happy, our immune system works better. What we also know is that a healthy immune system will naturally want to deal with damaged or diseased tissue. It works that way of us and I am sure it works that way for animals.


The film is called:

The Animal Communicator with Anna Bretytenbach


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Copies can be purchsed via this link:

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