Pets bring us such joy and give so much love. I help you create a Lifepath map to help you give back the support they need.


We probably spend more time with our pets than our most loved friends or relations. The bond between owner and pet is always a powerful one.  


Whichever stage of life they are at, whatever problems they may have had, I help you understand the way their lives have unfolded thus far.

From this point it is possible to craft a vision for how their lives can continue to unfold with optimum health and vitality.

By applying the overall Lifepath Philosophy in a bespoke way for each and every pet in your care, you will get to see how you can best support them through the ups and downs of their life to come.


There are always going to be challenges.  The Lifepath approach helps you clearly understand what is going on and to help your pets respond as effectively as possible. 


Chris Aukland BVSc VetMFHom MRCVS

The Lifepath Vet

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The Lifepath Vet
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